Adrià Fruitós – RITUAL Exhibition

A Group Exhibition by HONEYCOMB.
Opening Show July 12, 2011 / 6 p.m. at Causey Contemporary Gallery. Brooklyn. NY

HONEYCOMB and Causey Contemporary Gallery proudly present Ritual, a group exhibition featuring original artwork produced by over twenty of the freshest urban, newbrow, young contemporary artists hailing from seven countries.

Ritualistic behavior is one of the few things that have universally permeated all human sociological development. It has helped form civilizations, spawned entire belief systems, and through the ages has continuously influenced human conduct while simultaneously shaping the world as we know it. While the actual processes may vary, the incorporation of ritual into society is something that transcends nationality, geographic location and linear timeline. Cultures of both the past and present have used symbolic, traditional or religious rituals for any number of reasons including divination, personal pleasure, the achievement of spiritual or emotional needs, the formation of social bonds, expressions of respect and devotion, the advancement of social status, acceptance or for educational purposes. Although there are great differences among the countless rituals in existence, it is evident that regardless of intent or appearance, ritualistic behavior is undeniably intertwined with both our past and our future, and something that unites us all.

Ritual will be on-view July 12 – August 28, 2011.

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Causey Contemporary Gallery
92 Wythe Avenue, 718.218.8939
Williamsburg / Greenpoint / Bushwick