Adrià Fruitós – RITUAL Exhibition

A Group Exhibition by HONEYCOMB.
Opening Show July 12, 2011 / 6 p.m. at Causey Contemporary Gallery. Brooklyn. NY

HONEYCOMB and Causey Contemporary Gallery proudly present Ritual, a group exhibition featuring original artwork produced by over twenty of the freshest urban, newbrow, young contemporary artists hailing from seven countries.

Ritualistic behavior is one of the few things that have universally permeated all human sociological development. It has helped form civilizations, spawned entire belief systems, and through the ages has continuously influenced human conduct while simultaneously shaping the world as we know it. While the actual processes may vary, the incorporation of ritual into society is something that transcends nationality, geographic location and linear timeline. Cultures of both the past and present have used symbolic, traditional or religious rituals for any number of reasons including divination, personal pleasure, the achievement of spiritual or emotional needs, the formation of social bonds, expressions of respect and devotion, the advancement of social status, acceptance or for educational purposes. Although there are great differences among the countless rituals in existence, it is evident that regardless of intent or appearance, ritualistic behavior is undeniably intertwined with both our past and our future, and something that unites us all.

Ritual will be on-view July 12 – August 28, 2011.

Summer Gallery hours are Wed. – Fri. 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Sat and Sun. 12 – 6 p.m. And Mon. 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Causey Contemporary Gallery
92 Wythe Avenue, 718.218.8939
Williamsburg / Greenpoint / Bushwick





-How could you define, in your own words, Blue Book Group? Is it an association of illustrators or could it be defined as media to promote illustration among a traditional artistic world?

BBG is an independent  group from any private society who presents the work of illustrators from different countries of the world. Hassan Amekan and his brother Ali Amekan (Iranian illustrators) are the organizators and creators of this project.
After the great success of the 2008 edition, Blue Book Group follows his way in 2009-2010 exhibiting in Teheran, Iran and Tokyo, Japan. This last edition presents 96 illustrators of the whole world.

-What are the common standards to enter the Blue Book Group? Is there someone choosing the authors to represent the Blue Book Group? Do people apply to enter the exhibitions?

Hassan and Ali choose the illustrators. The authors are chosen for their dynamic and their full-time job in this area.

-Do you think that artists need to gather in groups to promote their art in the present times?

That is a good way to use the group to promote his work. It is interesting to work and to grow up with other people. It allows to do collective project and to learn with other professionals. But it is also possible to promote his work individually which most illustrators do.

-What are the main differences in the core with the website groups that tend to be a window to this kind of art?

Blue Book Group is not a group who promotes directly the illustrators or an illustration agency. The aim of this group is to show different kind of illustrations of the world to the public. That is very interesting to a cultural level.

By the way of this project, different illustrators created collective project.  For example the children’s book titled Chapo Tuyo writed by Bellagamba and illustrated by Hassan Amekan, Grandir publisher, France, 2009.

-What kind of net of contacts do you use to present your exhibitions all around the world?

Amekan’s brothers used internet to discover and to contact illustrators from all over the world and to built the group. But when the BBG organize exhibitions in a town, we directly talk with the town. At an individual level, we usually use internet to work and promote our work to publishers or galleries.

-What are the projects that are on Blue Book Group’s mind? More exhibitions? Publications?

After the Japanese exhibition in Tokyo on May 2010, the project waits for the next event.

To be continued…

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Sherley Freudenreich & Adrià Fruitós – The Blue Book Group en Tokio

Blue Book Group es un grupo independiente de toda sociedad o empresa, que presenta el trabajo de ilustradores de distintos países del mundo entero. Después de haber obtenido un gran éxito en su primera edición, durante las exposiciones itinerantes que se realizaron en 2008 y 2009 en Teheran (Iran), Dubai (los Emiratos Árabes), Blue Book Group vuelve este año 2010 exponiendo en Tokyo (Japón) y en otras ciudades europeas todavía por confirmar.
La exposición reunirá alrededor de 96 ilustradores de diferentes puntos del mundo, elegidos por su dinamismo y su actividad a tiempo completo en esta materia. Las exposiciónes presentan entre 3 y 5 ilustraciones originales y un libro ilustrado de cada artista participante.

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