PAUL McCARROLL – Animus Unhinged

Hello all

It’s been over two years in the making and under my hat for most of that but I’m now proud to announce that my first art book ‘Animus Unhinged‘, from the good people at Speedlines Publishing is available to buy now.

It’s a 23cm square format hardcover edition with gold foil graphics. Over the 170 pages there is very little text. I wanted to present the art as cleanly as possible and have removed all graphic elements such as titles and logos from cover art and design that I’ve done for bands over the years. So a lot of things look a bit different. There are also some new and old unseen works included and some works from as far back as 1990. Foreword is by my Scald comrade Pete Dempsey and the endwords have been eloquently penned by Martin Walkyier.

I have limited quantities of the book at £15 (inc postage) at the Vermitronic store if you’d like to buy direct from me, and if for some reason you want it signed let me know when you order.
Speedlines will be online with their store soon and have some other great artbooks lined up, but in the meantime they’re selling direct through Amazon.

details of the book and a bunch of my work here>

nice pics of the book here

Thanks for your time.
If you’re not interested then sorry for the intrusion.

Paul McCarroll

PAUL McCARROLL – ‘Animus Unhinged’
170 pages 23 x23cm
Hardcover with foil graphic
Speedlines Publishing
Status: available

£15.00 inc P+P – UK / Northern Ireland
£17.00 inc P+P – Europe / Eire
£21.00 inc P+P – Rest of World

Animus Unhinged is a loose anthology of the artistic career of Paul McCarroll.

Foreword by Pete Dempsey.
Endwords by Martin Walkyier.

Features unseen, alternate and exclusive artworks including many music covers with graphics removed.
If you would like a signed copy please let me know when you order.


see some of Paul’s artworks at



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