19th March – 1st May
Launch party: Friday 19th March 8 pm   |   free
Artist Talk: Saturday 20th March  |   2 pm

Daoust took a series of black and white photos with a pinhole camera and then hand colored them, resulting in eerie scenes of enhanced nostalgia. The photos are taken in an ambiguous, pastoral territory where melodrama, reality, memory and introspection silently crash; the resulting shards shower a maze of illusion and mystery. Each photograph is an off-kilter mnemonic which encourages the viewer to readjust truth and season reality.

Whether in New York, Tokyo or Berlin, Nathalie Daoust has always asserted a childlike contempt for reality. With a passion for intimacy, this Canadian photographer, born and raised in Montreal, has devoted all of her art to unveiling the secrets hidden beneath the apparent stability of life.

Her objective as an artist is to push the boundaries of photography through experimental methods. While working with new mediums and discovering new darkroom techniques, Daoust explores the indefinable realm between truth, fantasy and the human desire of escapism.

This biography is from an extract by Mairi Beautyman.

Photo: Nathalie Daoust

To celebrate Nathalie Daoust’s exhibition, Frozen In Time, Switzerland and WPPD, ace has a few events lined up for you…



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