nicholas hughes

Nicholas Hughes’s work examines the space between the world that people inhabit and that which nature still claims as its own. In this intermediary space between the two, the photographer seeks to explore the essence of the human spirit and its relationship with nature. However Hughes’s contemplation of the distant horizon is by no means simply a perpetuation of the Romantic, for he sees the notion of the natural world as forever vast and mysterious, quickly evaporating. By focusing on boundaries, plains and surfaces he acknowledges the limits humanity have imposed on the natural world and contemplates the future for both.

With Field, Hughes continues his exploration of our contemporary relationship to nature. In his previous series In Darkness Visible a primordial forest was resurrected from parkland in central London. In Field he has taken his constructed observations to a more challenging level.
Hughes feels that environmental awareness has heightened our sensibility towards the beautiful and sublime in local nature. As our habitat changes, it no longer seems necessary to cross the globe in search of the new, the exotic and the undiscovered. Instead it is the seemingly new world on our doorstep that demands exploration and contemplation.
His previous series, In Darkness Visible re-examines the traditional symbols and metaphors used in photography in order to portray the human sense of wonder before nature. In keeping with the themes of his previous series Edge, Hughes seeks to illustrate the frail residue of the contemporary wilderness and our relationship to it.

His work is currently included in the Victoria and Albert museum’s contemporary selection for the Histories of Photography exhibit in London from 2009–10. His work has also been seen at the world’s major photographic art fairs in Los Angeles, New York and Paris and is held in a variety of public and private photographic collections worldwide.


open Tues – Sun

Admission Free

16-18 Ramillies St.

London – W1F 7LW

For more information please see Nicholas Hughes’s website



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