InTransit | Fotografia In Movimento


InTransit | Fotografia In Movimento is the brand new italian photomag. A lot of high quality pictures in an interactive layout: reportages, art contents, territory valorization, culture and entertainment. Eighty fine glossy pages full of images and informations subdivided in a main thematic reportage and several columns always accompained by amazing photographs all around the world.

13, October, 2009: InTransit | Fotografia In Movimento was officialy presented in Matera (Basilicata, South Italy), during a press conference hosted by Galleria di Porta Pepice, where is located the editorial office that has promoted the project. The mag was introduced by Gaetano Plasmati, Publisher and photographer, Bruno Pantone, Art Director and photographer, and Giovanni Martemucci, Editor In Chief. “Everything is centered on a different idea of travel using high quality images to inspire people, to describe distant lands and cultures, to involve people in a collaborative project that set a new value on local territory comparing it with far-off similarities..” said Bruno Pantone, Art Director and photographer “..we have an archive that counts over 20 years of reportages materials all around the world: Africa, South America, Europe and Middle East countries, Far East.. high quality stuff collected during an intense professional activity..” said Gaetano Plasmati, Publisher and professional photographer. “But our aim is to give a new dimension to our country, a different territory lecture using similar realties as terms of comparison. We want to underline and remark our gap and try to involve people to fill it.” ended Giovanni Martemucci.

InTransit | Fotografia In Movimento is a brand new project and starts with a pilot number about Cave Civilizations: a main reportages of thirty pages full of evocative pictures. The mag will be distributed using the web media and in a limited paper edition as a free-press publication, counting a two thousand copies circulation.

The regular magazine start is fixed in winter, december 2009, with a special number of one hundred pages about Migrations and Nomad Civilizations.

InTransit | Fotografia In Movimento is a Galleria di Porta Pepice editorial project.



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