‘Soliloquy’ is a circle. A ring that turns itself over the primary need of interaction.

In the global communication era, just when all the world is into a click, that need is frustrated and it evolves into a pensive consideration, sometimes visionary, about the modern-social-life devices. A voyage by the means of pictures that uses a personal point of view based on daily experiences and for this reason understanding the meaning of life. A voyage that starts with the deaf howl of Mutism, a disperate attempt to send a message to a regardless society, and it ends with the best communication paradox possible: the Soliloquy.
Analysis that, step by step, explores circumstances and gears of a life assessment.

‘Soliloquy’ is the personal photographic exhibition of Bruno Pantone. ‘Soliloquy’ will be hosted by the Gallery of Porta Pepice, located in Via delle Beccherie 55, Matera (Basilicata, South
Italy), since 09, May, 2009 to 09, June, 2009. Porta Pepice is an art theatre sited in the great Sassi of Matera scenario and local photography landmark.

Resumed Exhibition Info:

Soliloquy – Bruno Pantone’s Photographic Exhibition
09, May, 2009 | 09, June, 2009
h.10.00 – 12.00 | 17.00 – 21.00

Vernissage: 09, May, 2009 h.18.30

Porta Pepice Art Gallery
Via delle Beccherie, 55
Matera, Italy (Basilicata)

Porta Pepice Art Gallery:



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